30 years only needs a beginning

"The bonds that unite another person to our self exist only in our mind." -Marcel Proust

Last weekend, Penny and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We spent Friday nite downtown and had an all-day-walk on Saturday. It was filled with delights.

We had just stopped for lunch (very late lunch, as is our wont) and out the window was a wedding party (the delights of the day just keep coming)! After a quick order, i told Penny i’d be right back (and received her subtle eye-roll – hey, i’m sensitive to the non-verbal :) ), and slipped outside for a few shots of the festivities. It turns out the Seattle Cheese Festival was in full swing just below us in the Market and Seattle’s Finest had blocked all the streets nearby. The wedding photographer was taking advantage and shooting in the middle of Stewart street. Their joy, their beauty, and the force of their enthusiasm was so infectious many more smiles left Stewart street then arrived that day. I grabbed a few quick shots and then had to leave them to their life (remember, my bride was waiting). But it looked like a wonderfully auspicious beginning to me.

(i made it back before our lunch arrived and most was forgiven… i am, indeed, a very lucky man. :) )

cheers, my friends.

PS. here is a bit about the edit:

i shot it with my crummy little IR-converted Canon G6 so dof work is not really too much of an option. but i really wanted to highlight the wedding party cuz they looked so fine against the city. Oh… and cuz i was feeling a bit of pressure to get the shot and get back to lunch – i missed the framing i wanted initially by cutting off the top of that tall building (luckily i looked at my images during lunch – while keeping my end of a lively conversation going, of course :) ) so after lunch, i went back out – the wedding party had moved on but that was OK cuz I just needed to get the top of the building.

I used four levels of blur for the edit – if memory serves, i used 15, 28, and 60 lens blur plus, of course, the sharp-ish prime focus. I used a couple of watercolor washes, my ubiquitous roman wall shot, and another cool sky shot I have from my archive (these are all visible-light images), for coloration – these layers were blended using soft-light, color, and multiply blending modes. I added a light triangle (blur 200) in the sky to bring more light and highlight those beautiful woman and that’s about it.

I was also asked to write an article about IR photography so if you are interested – Check it out. Thanks!