We all know that when it comes to money, things can get a little heated.

At dinner, do you all split the bill equally? Do you pay for exactly what you ordered? Or if someone puts their card down, do you assume it’s on them?

The fires of this controversial debate around bill-paying etiquette have been stoked once again as TikToker Bria Jones took to the social media platform to share her bill drama.

Bria had gone to dinner with friends and offered to put the bill on her credit card to avoid the hassle of splitting the cheque – but six weeks later an acquaintance still owes her £192 for her share of the meal.

Bria said on TikTok: ‘This girl owes me $240 (£192). I don’t even really know her. I’m usually the friend that doesn’t mind putting their card down when we go out to eat.

‘My friends pay me back. We do the Venmo thing, it’s no biggie, plus I like to get the credit card points.’

She goes on to say it was a friend of a friend who was invited to the dinner that she didn’t really know. Bria put her card down, assuming everyone would transfer their share of the bill, but the friend of a friend is yet to pay her.

‘Did I get scammed?’ she said. ‘I messaged her on Instagram a couple of times and I could tell that she had seen it. No response.’

Bria also texted her and claimed the girl replied saying she would transfer the money that evening, but three weeks later she still hasn’t paid.

She said: ‘I keep following up. This is such weird behaviour, you don’t go to dinner and rack up $240 on your bill and then just not pay someone back for it. Are you stupid or are you dumb?

‘If you don’t have the money for something, then don’t rack up the bill.’

She went on to say that it ‘wasn’t the end of the world’ but that it was ‘the principal’, however she didn’t feel like she could do much at this point apart from accept the financial loss.

The video has hit nearly one million views with most commenters in complete agreement with Bria, saying she was entitled to that money back.

One commenter wrote: ‘No because I’d be knocking doors down for $240,’ while another wrote ‘six weeks is too nice. You’ve got six days’.

Others felt that it was up to the friend who invited the girl to chase for the money, with one TikToker writing: ‘Whoever invited her, has to talk to her. Because why bring a shady person to dinner?’

Bria did say that she had reached out to the friend who invited her and that she was going to talk to her soon.

Some people even felt it was appropriate to go to small claims court to get the money back, but surprisingly, not everyone felt Bria was in the right.

One TikTok user Isabella said: ‘What do you expect her to do? Give you the money the next day like she has it all? No, you have to wait.

‘If you can’t wait, you just suck it up and take the gesture because you offered it. No-one put the gun to your head.’

Bria said that offering to put it all on her card was so the waiter or waitress didn’t have to split the bill multiple ways.

She responded to Isabella, saying: ‘To be clear, I never said “this is my treat b**ches”. It was even discussed at the table like “you guys can just transfer me”.’

Psychologist Ali Ross previously told Metro.co.uk that the best way to handle splitting the bill is to be upfront beforehand, i.e. before people order food.

She says: ‘When you go out or away with friends, be upfront as early as possible about how you’re handling money.

‘Is everyone going to pay their way, or will someone manage the costs and we settle up at the end?

‘Whatever you decide, if it’s been agreed beforehand, you will feel more at ease knowing your needs have been communicated clearly, and you’re all on the same page (in theory).’

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