If you’ve ever wondered exactly how much a streamer makes, Mizkif has accidentally revealed how much they earn in just one week.

We all know the biggest streamers make good money by playing games online, discussing hot topics, or just hanging out in an inflatable pool all day. But they rarely let on as to exactly how much they’re making.

You got a clue when xQc left Twitch for Kick in a whopping $100 million deal this summer, while Amouranth made the same move for an undisclosed fee that was also assumed to be in the millions.

On the rung below, in terms of success and notoriety, we find streamers like Mizkif, who’s been popular for years and is also making a huge amount of money every week.

In a Twitch clip seen by over 60,000 people, Mizkif is reacting to an unexpectedly large number of interactions on his Just Talking stream, when he accidentally shows the wrong page on his PC screen.

If you’ve a keen eye, you’ll spot the number $13,168.32 (£10,500) at the side. The number was under the revenue tab and displays how much he’s made so far this week from Twitch.

‘Oh, I just leaked my revenue,’ he said before swiftly changing the page.

This is far from the first time Mizkif and co. have accidentally (or is it?) leaked something.

There was the time when he clicked on the wrong document and leaked the entire roster for an upcoming Valorant tournament, and its Discord server.

Or that time when his then-girlfriend and streamer, Maya, took control of his PC and showed his ‘bounty’ payments of $39,456 (£31,500), which publishers pay him to play specific games.

As this shows, Twitch revenue is only one fraction of how streamers can make money. Other income streams include external sponsorship, merchandise sales, affiliate marketing, and more.

Rather than a slip-up Mizkif was probably stealth bragging about how much money he makes and in a sense it’s not hard to see why.

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