The Entrepreneurship and Business World with Glen Wakeman

Entrepreneurship is not just for everyone. The business world is a fast-paced and tough industry, which often requires the resilient, goal-oriented and focused individuals. While few conquer the finance and business industry, Glen Wakeman is among those who have prospered through hard work and business resilience. Glen is a successful and outgoing investor, entrepreneur, writer as well as an international business executive.


As a well-established businessperson, Glen Wakeman boasts of over twenty years of extensive experience in both business and finance ( In 2015, Glen co-founded a firm, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC where he currently is the chief executive officer. The company works by developing software startup entrepreneurs. The software is aimed at offering these young entrepreneurs with vital tools to help them quickly organize and plan their growing enterprises.


Glen attended the University of Scranton for his Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He later advanced to the University of Chicago for his Master’s degree in Finance. After that, Glen made his career debut at GE Capital where Glen served in various leadership positions for more than two decades. After GE Capital, Glen Wakeman proceeded to establish Nova Four, where he was the president. The company offers strategic business guidance and advice to startups.

Before moving to his current role at his company, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, he served at GE Money Latin America as the chief executive officer. At GE Money Latin America, he developed several new products as well as signed a number of partnerships with successful foundations. As a global business executive, Glenn Wakeman has made it upon himself to find his way around the world. As such, he has lived in more than six different nations in addition to presiding over 30 regions across the globe.


During his corporate career, as well as an intensive entrepreneurship, Glen Wakeman has efficiently managed hundreds and hundreds of workers. This has been successful through his excellent leadership skills, which he utilizes to help the employees contribute to the goals of the various companies he has worked with. Additionally, Glen Wakeman has assisted the numerous firms he has worked with to experience unprecedented success as well as excellent growth in their annual revenues. Glen Wakeman leverages the knowledge, which he has acquired over the years to advise, educate and guide new mushrooming investors and entrepreneurs (PremierGazette).


Dr. Mark Holterman and His Role in Clinical Care

Studies Supported by the American Diabetes Association


ADA has assisted about 5,000 diabetes research projects for nearly 60 years now (AskReporter). The association uses avenues like Core Research Program so supports diabetes studies. This year, the organization has recognized essential studies in this field through its two Innovative Research Awards namely Innovative Basic Science (IBS) and Clinical or Translational Science (ICTS).


Researchers working on diabetes etiology and the challenges faced in treatment get support from the IBS Award. Any project receives a maximum of $115,000 annually for not more than three years. Researchers whose studies are about applying their theories in studies using humans as research projects get assistance through ICTS Grant. Such researchers can get an annual financial assistance of up to $200,000 for not more than three years.


ADA and CHLA to Work Together to Address Type 2 Diabetes in Youths


Due to the increasing cases of type 2 diabetes in children and teenagers, ADA and Children’s Hospital Angeles announced a joint program to address the problem. Through an experience by the name Camp PowerUp, the joint initiative will teach the youth how to reduce their chances of getting type 2 diabetes through physical activities and eating healthy food.


The study will target children between eight and 16 years. The research will deal with children in day camps, churches, and parks among others. The project by these two groups is expected to have a significant impact in reducing the rising cases of type 2 diabetes in this age group.


Who is Dr. Mark Holterman?



Mark Holterman is a prominent American pediatric surgeon. His rich academic background has played a vital role in his success. Between 1976 and 1980, he was at Yale University where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts (BA). He then joined the University of Virginia for master’s degree and Ph.D. in Medicine and Immunology.


Over the years, he has had an opportunity to work in various hospitals at different positions. At Seattle Children’s he was a fellowship in pediatric surgery between 1993 and 1995. From 1995 to 1997, he worked as a research associate at the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal and then joined the University of Illinois as a professor. He is the founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer at Merian Global Health.

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Jorge Moll entrepreneurial skills in healthcare management

Jorge Moll is known to be the co-founder of a platform called the D’Or hospital network which is the biggest private set of hospitals in the country. In the year 2017, he was ranked as the 13th richest individual in Brazil. His hospital is described as a five-star hotel which is set aside for individuals who want a high-class and extraordinary service all over the country.


The Star Cup was perceived by the hospital of D’Or Sao Luiz (IDOR). Which its focus is to adapt the model within the whole country. The hospital has a total of 231 Japanese paintings. There is an annex area for transport of workers and patients which are being built with the model of a luxury hotel. This makes it look like a five-star hotel rather than a hospital ( The hospital also has lighting which gives a message of hope to the patients as well as the welcoming mood.


Entrepreneurship management in health

Moll is the founder of the network and leads approximately 32 hospitals in the country. During the conference, he described how he started his entrepreneurial work by scrutinizing institution and developing it into a large number of hospitals with good performance. He started his complementary tests which he said was lacking in that institution. He also said that Rio de Janeiro in the ancient times was the nerve center for medicine and started worsening since it was a public institution and added that what they required was just space to implement their idea.


Jorge through his entrepreneurial skills decided to change the look of the hospital by providing networks of hospitals that serve various areas of the population. Moll was not discouraged by the lack of money to implement the project, he told the conference that the main contributors were the operators who have little to the hospital for consultations purposes. He explained to them and said that the main aim of the total health management model was to provide health care services at a lower cost and to help operators understand patient’s handling and the pathways in the hospital.

Adam Milstein Speaks To Ideamensch About Himself

Entrepreneurship, leadership and philanthropy are some of the ventures that define Adam Milstein. The Israel-American, and the managing director at Hager Pacific Properties shared his thoughts and counsel with Ideamensch recently. Adam is a strong believer in being part of the solution and in order to do so, he encourages entrepreneurs and individuals to hunger for details and dig into the problem so as to get a way to solve it. He urges the need to follow up and remain consistent and be thirsty for what they want to do.



While some people believe in setting certain goals and objectives Adam believes otherwise. For him setting goals limits his abilities and restrain him from doing his very best. He also adds that criticism is inevitable in business, however listening to it may discourage one from following their true passion. Adam advises start-ups and entrepreneurs to be cautious about what other say as it could be a huge set back.



Adam Milstein was born and raised in Israel, although he came to the United States to pursuit his master’s degree. He worked in the country for a while before deciding to start his company. He has had a share of the ups and downs of the business but encourages people not to give up regardless of the challenges they may face at the moment. As a managing partner, he guides his company towards new projects and making sure that they are headed in the right direction.



Besides being a corporate leader and a businessman Adam is also passionate about philanthropy and especially in the relationship between the Israelites and Americans. In the country, he has begun various organizations among which include Israeli-American Council that ensures that the relations between the two countries is healthy and maintained. He also participates in various campus organization that help remind the Jewish of their roots encouraging them to get in touch with their religion and customs.



Adam also founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, an organization that supports various ventures that include sponsoring students and also providing religious and cultural materials to them so as to understand their traditions.