Jorge Moll entrepreneurial skills in healthcare management

Jorge Moll is known to be the co-founder of a platform called the D’Or hospital network which is the biggest private set of hospitals in the country. In the year 2017, he was ranked as the 13th richest individual in Brazil. His hospital is described as a five-star hotel which is set aside for individuals who want a high-class and extraordinary service all over the country.


The Star Cup was perceived by the hospital of D’Or Sao Luiz (IDOR). Which its focus is to adapt the model within the whole country. The hospital has a total of 231 Japanese paintings. There is an annex area for transport of workers and patients which are being built with the model of a luxury hotel. This makes it look like a five-star hotel rather than a hospital ( The hospital also has lighting which gives a message of hope to the patients as well as the welcoming mood.


Entrepreneurship management in health

Moll is the founder of the network and leads approximately 32 hospitals in the country. During the conference, he described how he started his entrepreneurial work by scrutinizing institution and developing it into a large number of hospitals with good performance. He started his complementary tests which he said was lacking in that institution. He also said that Rio de Janeiro in the ancient times was the nerve center for medicine and started worsening since it was a public institution and added that what they required was just space to implement their idea.


Jorge through his entrepreneurial skills decided to change the look of the hospital by providing networks of hospitals that serve various areas of the population. Moll was not discouraged by the lack of money to implement the project, he told the conference that the main contributors were the operators who have little to the hospital for consultations purposes. He explained to them and said that the main aim of the total health management model was to provide health care services at a lower cost and to help operators understand patient’s handling and the pathways in the hospital.