Adam Milstein Speaks To Ideamensch About Himself

Entrepreneurship, leadership and philanthropy are some of the ventures that define Adam Milstein. The Israel-American, and the managing director at Hager Pacific Properties shared his thoughts and counsel with Ideamensch recently. Adam is a strong believer in being part of the solution and in order to do so, he encourages entrepreneurs and individuals to hunger for details and dig into the problem so as to get a way to solve it. He urges the need to follow up and remain consistent and be thirsty for what they want to do.



While some people believe in setting certain goals and objectives Adam believes otherwise. For him setting goals limits his abilities and restrain him from doing his very best. He also adds that criticism is inevitable in business, however listening to it may discourage one from following their true passion. Adam advises start-ups and entrepreneurs to be cautious about what other say as it could be a huge set back.



Adam Milstein was born and raised in Israel, although he came to the United States to pursuit his master’s degree. He worked in the country for a while before deciding to start his company. He has had a share of the ups and downs of the business but encourages people not to give up regardless of the challenges they may face at the moment. As a managing partner, he guides his company towards new projects and making sure that they are headed in the right direction.



Besides being a corporate leader and a businessman Adam is also passionate about philanthropy and especially in the relationship between the Israelites and Americans. In the country, he has begun various organizations among which include Israeli-American Council that ensures that the relations between the two countries is healthy and maintained. He also participates in various campus organization that help remind the Jewish of their roots encouraging them to get in touch with their religion and customs.



Adam also founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, an organization that supports various ventures that include sponsoring students and also providing religious and cultural materials to them so as to understand their traditions.