Spun together

yesterday, back visiting in seattle, i picked up a length of drive band cordage & some dyed merino top from weaving works with hopes of getting the old family heirloom spinning wheel up and running.

this wheel came from my 79 year-old mom’s great aunt back in norway. letters carved into the end of the base indicate it may have belonged to someone else before her. it certainly dates back into the 1800s and it has ‘lived’ in the front entrance of my childhood home as long as i can remember.

the last person to spin on it was my grandmother when she came to visit from norway in the 1970s. the off white yarn on the spindle is from then. who knows how long since it had been used before then? is spun straight from the end of her yarn.

it didn’t really take all that much to get it up and rolling, or, as it were, spinning. the new drive band, a few drops of olive oil, a tiny bit of fiddling with the angles on the maidens, and some wool spun straigh off of my Bestemor’s 30+ year old yarn. oh, right, and a small strip of duct tape on the top end of the footman.

voilà! ’she’ treadles quite easily and is spinning a lovely yarn. i’m treating her as gently as possible.

that blue isn’t really something i’d normally pick out but it seemed appropriate to spin something for my mom in a color that she would love on this wheel, although i’ll have to ply it together back at my home next week (on my mom’s sister’s wheel that she gave to me) as there is only one functional bobbin on this wheel here.